Thursday, May 19, 2011

Pixie Returns :)

Yes, I was gone for almost a year. And yes, I just finished off my previous story/thread as if there was no gap at all. The good thing is , I am writing again, and quite a lot at that. Hope to do better. Hope that you're still reading.
The last year has been unexpected, tremendous, wonderful, painful, and joyous all in one. I hope my characters grow, as I have.


Abhinav said...

Welcome back.

Abhinav said...

I'd also said <and the world heaves a sigh of relief> but I forgot that comments are parsed as HTML. Anyway, there you go. :)

Pixie said...

thank you so much! looking for a better method to write conversations for next blog story. Do send 'em suggestions :)

Bellerophon said...

you grew up??
arent you still 5 foot? :P

and welcome back..