Thursday, May 19, 2011

Pixie Returns :)

Yes, I was gone for almost a year. And yes, I just finished off my previous story/thread as if there was no gap at all. The good thing is , I am writing again, and quite a lot at that. Hope to do better. Hope that you're still reading.
The last year has been unexpected, tremendous, wonderful, painful, and joyous all in one. I hope my characters grow, as I have.


CC: He's not going come back, is he now?
WD : I wish I could say otherwise.
Both : A formal resignation would've been nice.

C: I never left, you idiots.
Both: What!? Where are you? How can you speak to us? Show yourself!
C: I never left because I never was. I was you, the one thread of sanity in you, that held you together. You're both okay now. You don't need me anymore.

WD: But we do!

C: No you don't. Yes, you've looked for me for near a year now, and I thank you for that. But you moved on. You built a good life, or at least one that promises to get better. And in this year, I too have changed. Moved on.

CC: That was it , huh.... You appeared for us because we were both on the verge of insanity.

C: You WERE insane. You ARE insane. I appeared because you were the wrong sort of insane back then.

WD : So what about you? You feel no love for us?

C: I do. Which is why I must move on. And I advice you to do the same. And someday our journeys will cross paths again. Au Revoir. Go Live!

Monday, June 28, 2010


Cheshire Cat (CC) : Wherefore art thou, friend?
The Wounded Dragon (WD) : You know this journey's about to end.
CC: Only to begin, again, come, finish what you started -
WD : 'tis been too long since we parted-
CC: for we need you not for your strength
WD : you've found us our own, in this short length-
CC: we need you for we need an ear
WD : the hope, the laughter, the good cheer-
CC: we're not lost, nor lacking direction
WD: yet this journey of heart, not to be done without introspection
CC: we can hear you song still
WD : and you're the only one to fit the bill
CC: so wherefore art thou, friend?
WD: you were supposed to go along 'til the end...

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

A Twist in the Tail

The Wounded Dragon (WD) : Where's he now?
The Cheshire Cat (CC) : Must've gone off cycling again, where else?
WD: No, it's been too long for that. Maybe we should go look.
CC: Eh, you worry too much. You know he keeps getting lost anyway.
WD: And we are deep in the woods, you idiot. It's not the nicest place to get lost at.
CC: You heard his song, he's happy when he's lost.
WD: He's happy under most situations anyway. He's not used to being worried about himself but maybe we should be!
CC: All right, all right. Looking for him would be easier than hearing your ranting anyway.
WD: Fine, he's the one good at listening to rants. We'll find him and crib away.
CC: Which way did he go, now?
WD: Towards the river.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Silent Observer/Cyclist's Introspection

I am the trees, the breeze, completely at ease.
I am the symphony of autumn leaves.

I'm the town's toast, a ghost-
I'm the one you miss the most.

I'm eco-friendly and free of cost;
I'm happy when I'm lost.

I'm the knowledge of ignorance;
I'm the maturity of innocence.

I see minds fight and souls atrophy
Daydreams sometimes have the best philosophy

I have a date with time at half-past-eternity-
And I'll get there if you'd just walk with me.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

A Verbal Duel

The Wounded Dragon (WD) : There was never anyone better than me. Anywhere I went. It always felt like I was surrounded by immature fools.

Cheshire Cat (CC) : Look who's talking. I've never met anyone more childish than you. But then , I too, felt that I was the best amongst my lot.

WD : And being on top gets to be boring, does it not ? If there's no one to fight you start fighting yourself.... destroying yourself, and everything you were good at.

CC : Fighting yourself, yes. But that leads to being better.

WD : Ah, you call this being better? Sure, you've perfected your art and are probably the best one around for the job. But look what it has made you. Cynical and selfish, never acknowledging the lesser mortals.

CC : And what has it made you? An empty shell of what you used to be, the waste of all the talent you had, just because you didn't have competitors or admirers. I needed neither. And I'm not as cold as I seem , you know. There are things and beings I care deeply for.

WD : You've only unlearned how to show it or what to do with a pure emotion .

CC : Emotions are distracting.

WD : So you'd say. I'm not as incompetent as you think me to be, either. Just disgusted by the indifference the world has for original thought.

CC : And here we are, both brilliant, both lost.

WD : So we are, so we are.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Cyclist (C) : The World keeps turning,
My wheels keep churnin'
Cheshire Cat (CC): For an New World for this old soul,
For a new life, with or without control-
Wounded Dragon(WD) : For a journey without wings-
One for the road, and whatever it brings!
CC: Broken wings require steel welding
And the roads require constant rebuilding
C: The cycle requires no road at all-
We'll scale every mountain, however tall!
WD: Keep a few spare tyres and take me along,
Maybe it's the road where I belong-
CC: The road takes everyone in it's stride,
Go on and explore the great outside!
C: Two friends have I, rather unique
We pass by so many worlds as we speak-
WD: And worlds we create, in our songs-
Come explore a world inside, carry on, carry on...